Northern Agro Services Ltd was incorporated as a research-based agriculture company and is currently owned as a family business. The company started working on multiple R&D programs during the early 1990s. Following a decade of research, the company was granted 17 exclusive licenses from the government of Bangladesh, making it the only agro-based company in the country with a strong product portfolio. Since its inauguration, the company has been engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of its exclusive products, along with other conventional fertilizers.

The factory of Northern Agro Services Ltd is situated on a 5.34-acre land in Dinajpur. Since the northern region is a major consumer of fertilizers in the country, the established factory is ideal for its current operations within the region.


To avoid indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers by the farmers, we established a modern soil testing laboratory, which was visualized to be of immense help to the growers. But in reality, the growers of this region were found to be less enthusiastic in getting their soil analysed except for a very few progressive growers. Carrying out these researches for several years since the 1992’s, we have accumulated lots of soil data which clearly show that most of the soils are deficient in N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, B, Zn and severely deficient in organic matter. To overcome the problem and to help in increasing the national production in general, and grower’s production in particular, we started production of our exclusive crop based Balanced Fertilizer (BF). Our aim is to provide farmers with Organic Fertilizers, Crop based BF & Shakti Mixed Fertilizer and NPKS Fertilizers that meet and exceed their requirements. We are committed to carry out production abiding by all customer & regulatory requirements as well as continually improving its QMS (Quality Management System).

To meet the soil and farmers’ needs, we have consulted with soil research institutes who advised and guided us in the making of balanced fertilizers by testing our soils, its properties and nutrient contents properly. Our aim is to increase agricultural production and protect our soil fertility by using good quality balanced and organic fertilizers. In brief, the effort of developing balanced fertilizers, along with its implementation and manufacturing is for the best benefits of the farmers as well as to protect our soil health scientifically. Our prime objective is to play a vital role for ensuring food security of Bangladesh as well as maintain soil health for future generations.

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