Established in 1982, Northern Agro Services Ltd began its journey as a fertilizer trading company in Bangladesh. Today, it is incorporated as a research-oriented agriculture company with 17 exclusive fertilizer licenses granted by the government of Bangladesh, in addition to conventional licenses. This makes us the only agriculture-based company in the country with such a strong product portfolio.

Since its inauguration, the company has been engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of its exclusive products, along with other conventional fertilizers. Our manufacturing plant is situated on a 5.34-acre land in Dinajpur, a northern district in Bangladesh.



To introduce our wide range of enriched fertilizers to the farmers to promote sustainable agriculture as a tool to end food scarcity. This business plan focuses on attending basic food sovereignty of Bangladesh and to improve the soil structure by making the land fertile for a longer period. Our aim is to increase crop quality, boost farm income, improve soil fertility, avoid damage to the environment and restore productiveness of the land. In the coming years, we look forward to setting up several organic and balanced fertilizer factories in strategic areas of Bangladesh to meet the large demand of fertilizers across the country. We aspire to make fertilizer more affordable and easily accessible to the farmers to increase agricultural productions, while establishing the local agriculture industry as a thriving sector through the technologies of Northern Agro Services Ltd.


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