Northern Balanced Fertilizer ®

Advantages of Northern Organic and Balanced Fertilizers–

      • More yield than conventional fertilizers
      • Preserve soil fertility
      • Prevent the significant rise of chemical fertilizer demand
      • Decrease urea usage by 14%
      • Improve cost-effectiveness for farmers
      • Have greater chances for commercial success
      • Exclusive to Northern Agro Services Ltd

Balanced Fertilizer (BF) is a proportionately mixed chemical fertilizers approved precision ratios, in fact BF is a crop based Balanced Fertilizer. (BF) Is prepared for different crops, following the recommendation made by the BARC in its Fertilizer Recommendations Guide “FRG” (1979-2005). Crop based Balanced Fertilizers are formulated as:

    • Required by specific crops, varieties & AEZ
    • Deficient in soil & IPNS based fertilizer.
    • Harmless to the environment.

In addition to our organic fertilizers, we also have our extensively researched range of crop-based Balanced Fertilizers TM to serve the needs of our farmers-

1. Northern BF (HYV Rice)
2. Northern BF (Wheat)
3. Northern BF (Potato)
4. Northern BF (Mustard)
5. Northern BF (Maize)
6. Northern BF (Onion)
7. Northern BF (Banana)
8. Northern BF (Cauliflower)
9. Northern BF (Sugarcane)
10. Northern BF (Garlic)
11. Northern BF (Tomato)
12. Northern BF (Cabbage)
13. Northern BF (Chili)
14. Northern BF (Brinjal)
15. Northern BF (Watermelon)

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