Northern Shakti
(Mixed Fertilizer)

Advantages of Northern Organic and Balanced Fertilizers–

      • More yield than conventional fertilizers
      • Preserve soil fertility
      • Prevent the significant rise of chemical fertilizer demand
      • Decrease urea usage by 14%
      • Improve cost-effectiveness for farmers
      • Have greater chances for commercial success
      • Exclusive to Northern Agro Services Ltd

Northern Shakti fertilizer is a proportionately mixed chemical fertilizer approved precision ratio in fact Shakti Sar is mixed fertilizer. Shakti Sar is prepared for Special crops (especially plantation crops and horticultural crops) following the recommendation made by the BARC in its “FRG”, (1979-2005). Shakti Fertilizers formulated as:

    • Increased the yield & quality of crops.
    • Also improve the quality and productivity of soil.



    -Ecologically and hygienically sound fertilizer.  


    -Minerals are released gradually and as required by the crop. 

    -The nutrients do not wash away. 

    – Good for aerated soil, which means that the roots can absorb more oxygen. 

Areas of application 

    – All crops except potato 


    -In 1kg to 50 kg bags

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