Northern Organic Fertilizer®
(Fortified Fertilizer)

organic fertilizer

Advantages of Northern Organic and Balanced Fertilizers–

      • More yield than conventional fertilizers
      • Preserve soil fertility
      • Prevent the significant rise of chemical fertilizer demand
      • Decrease urea usage by 14%
      • Improve cost-effectiveness for farmers
      • Have greater chances for commercial success
      • Exclusive to Northern Agro Services Ltd

Organic fertilizer prepared improved scientific methods. Northern organic fertilizer has several advantages due to its technical production process as given below

    • It is activated by Trichoderma.
    • It is prepared from organic waste to mixed nature. 
    • It is rapidly decomposed. 
    • The product is hygienic as it is prepared in a specific structure maintaining high temperature which kills pathogenic germs.
    • It is a finely grinding and stable granular structure.
    • It has no bad odor and has high storage quality.

NASL’s extensively researched Northern Organic fertilizer™ can replace the use of compost organic fertilizers by up to 50% while having seven-fold higher profit margin. Thus, less amount of fertilizer is required while having superior cost effectiveness. As demonstrated below, nationwide use of our Northern Organic Fertilizer™ over conventional compost fertilizers will save further $300 million every year for the farmers.
Apart from the increase in cost efficiency, the use of Northern Organic™ fertilizer has further benefits in comparison to compost fertilizer. The product is fully fortified and was developed keeping commercial agriculture in mind. The product has been tested to have significant advantages over locally found conventional compost organic fertilizers –

1. Extensively researched product and exclusive to Northern Agro Services Ltd.

2. Northern Organic™ fertilizer is the first commercially manufactured organic fertilizer in Bangladesh.

3. Northern Organic™ fertilizer consists of such ingredients which makes it very effective in the production of high value crops, fruits and vegetables. There is no alternative to Northern Organic fertilizer keeping in mind the cost effectivity for commercial agriculture.

4. Northern Organic™ fertilizer keeps soil acidity under control which allows chemical and NPKS fertilizer to work better on the soil and boost production capacity.

5. Chemical fertilizer (also known as state fertilizers) becomes less effective on soil where they have been applied for a long time, hence using Northern Organic™ fertilizer in this scenario enables farmers to obtain previous yields of chemical fertilizer.

6. Mixing Northern Organic™ fertilizer with chemical or NPKS fertilizers during final land preparation increases crop production.

7. Regular use of Northern Organic™ fertilizer decreases the need for using other chemical fertilizers in the soil. It also assists in increasing the efficiency of chemical fertilizers applied to the soil. Therefore, the quantity of chemical and NPKS fertilizer required is reduced. This will reduce foreign exchange drain on chemical fertilizer imports.

8. By properly mixing Northern Organic™ fertilizer with Urea and following the method of top-dressing, the Urea acts as a slow-release fertilizer which boosts the long lasting effects.

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