Advantages of Northern Organic and Balanced Fertilizers–

      • More yield than conventional fertilizers
      • Preserve soil fertility
      • Prevent the significant rise of chemical fertilizer demand
      • Decrease urea usage by 14%
      • Improve cost-effectiveness for farmers
      • Have greater chances for commercial success
      • Exclusive to Northern Agro Services Ltd
Effects of fertilizerOrganic Compost fertilizerNorthern Exclusive Fertilizers™Chemical (straight) & NPKS fertilizer
Crop yieldLowHighHigh
Keeps soil fertileYesYesRather Negative Effect
Water preservationStrongStrongWeak (Dried)
Pest controlStrongStrongWeak
Food valueKeeps intrinsic tasteKeeps intrinsic tasteReduction in taste
Crops preferenceVegetablesIndividual fertilizers for all crops in BangladeshPaddy
Required amountMoreLessLess
Table: “Comparison of Organic, Northern BF and Chemical fertilizers”
  Positive impact  Negative impact 

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